Abundant Righteousness

Jesus exhorted us to become “ perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect ,” yet how can we emulate the perfect righteousness of God? His explanation was clear - By performing acts of mercy, ESPECIALLY to our enemies. Self-sacrificial love goes to the heart of his message and reflects the nature of the merciful God. Was he not the Messiah who submitted to an undeserved death for us even when we were the “ enemies of God ”?

The Fullness of Time

Paul argued that adopting the rite of circumcision would constitute regression to something rudimentary, and an earlier stage in the redemptive history of God’s people. If Gentile believers did so, they would be obligated to keep the whole Law, and they could easily find themselves “ severed from Christ ” - (Galatians 5:1-4).

Понимание Бога

Иисус - тот, кто открывает тайны Божьи. Только он способен раскрыть природу “ невидимого Бога ". Все Божьи обетования исполняются в Иисусе, в его “ Да ” и " аминь ". Иисус является ключом к толкованию еврейских священных писаний, и он обеспечивает правильное понимание библейских пророчеств

The Spiritual Man

Overused by both the Church and the surrounding society, the English term ‘spiritual’ has become meaningless. To some people, it is synonymous with the word religion . To be religious is to be spiritual . To others, it refers to things that are not of this physical universe, things and beings that are supernatural, otherworldly, noncorporeal, invisible, and timeless.

Beginning and Firstborn

In Colossians , Paul stresses the exaltation of Jesus following his Resurrection. Some members of the congregation were confused about his authority over the spiritual powers that were hostile to God and His people; therefore, Paul reminded the Assembly of just how highly God exalted the One who became the “ Firstborn of the Dead .”

Последний храм

Однажды ученики обнаружили, что Иисус был Храмом Божьим. Эпоха, когда Бог “ обитал ” в переносных палатках в пустыне или каменных зданиях в Иерусалиме, закончилась с приходом Мессии. Бог больше не обитает в сооружениях, “ сделанных своими руками ”. Его присутствие не может быть ограничено физическими стенами или географическими границами.