His Imminent Death

In the Gospel of Mark , Jesus is “ on the way ” to Jerusalem his death at the hands of his enemies. The theme of his inexorable journey is repeated in Mark , beginning with John the Baptist who came to “ prepare THE WAY of the Lord .” He would complete his mission as the ‘ Suffering Servant ’ of the Book of Isaiah when he was tried by the priestly leaders of the Temple and faced death outside the walls of the City of David at the hands of Rome.

The City of God

The Book of Revelation concludes with an image of the immense and glorious city of “ New Jerusalem ” populated by the “ innumerable multitude ” of men and women redeemed from every nation. It represents the fulfillment of the covenant promises to Abraham of “ land ” and “ blessings to all the nations .” All this has been accomplished by the shed “ blood of the Lamb .” The City of God will be populated!

Конец смерти

Некоторые члены коринфской общины отрицали будущее воскресение праведников. В ответ Павел подчеркнул, насколько необходимо наше воскресение, и сослался на прошлую смерть и воскресение Иисуса. Его воскресение было и остается прецедентом для нашего будущего воскресения. Мы будем воскрешены телесно, когда он “ прибудет ”, и его появление будет означать прекращение самой Смерти.

The Covenant

The covenant of Abraham is foundational to the biblical concept of redemption, including the promise that “ all the nations of the Earth would be blessed in Father Abraham .” The Patriarch would have innumerable descendants, but how and when would the covenant bless the nations? Who are his descendants, and who is the “Seed of Abraham” destined to inherit the promises?

Выкуп за многих

После предсказания о его смерти два ученика начали соперничать за высокие посты в его грядущем Царстве. Мысля в соответствии с представлениями этого мира о политической власти, они не понимали, каким Мессией был (и остается) Иисус, и, следовательно, что значит следовать за ним, “ куда бы он ни пошел ”. Однако вскоре в Иерусалиме он продемонстрирует, как человек достигает “ величия " в Царстве Божьем.

Abundant Righteousness

Jesus instructed us to become “ perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect ,” yet how can we emulate the perfect righteousness of God? His explanation was clear - By performing acts of mercy, ESPECIALLY to our enemies. Self-sacrificial love goes to the heart of his message and reflects the nature of the merciful God. Was he not the Messiah who submitted to an undeserved death for us even when we were the “ enemies of God ”?