Hidden Mysteries Unveiled

God’s previously hidden mysteries are now revealed in Jesus, and especially so in his death and resurrection .  The Bible speaks of the “ mysteries ” of God, His ways that are hidden from human wisdom and defy our expectations. In his teachings, Jesus declared that not everyone can understand the “ mysteries of the kingdom .” It is God who reveals the deep and obscure things to whomever He pleases. And in His Son, He has done so for all who have “ eyes that can see ” - [ John 3 Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash ]

Jesus is the Key

Jesus is the key that unlocks the Hebrew Scriptures and divine “mysteries” to reveal the nature and purposes of God .  Not only does Jesus play the central role in unveiling God’s purposes, but he is also the very center of all the Father’s plans, especially the redemption of humanity. Only in Christ is the glory of the Creator of all things revealed, and only His Son is qualified to reveal His true nature. In him, all the promises of God find their fulfillment,  their “ yea ” and “ amen ”  - [ Photo by Jessica Yong on Unsplash ].

Full of Grace and Truth

The fullness and grace of God are found only in the “Word made Flesh,” Jesus of Nazareth – John 1:14-18 .  John’s prologue to his gospel introduces its key themes - Life, Light, Witness, Truth, and Grace. Jesus is the Light of the world, the source of Grace and Truth, the True Tabernacle, the only-born Son of God, and the only one who has seen the Father. The prologue concludes by declaring that he is the only one who is qualified to interpret the unseen God - [ River and Rainbow photo by Sorasak on Unsplash ].

Light of the World

Contrary to the claims of politicians and even church leaders, Jesus is the “light of the world,” not any nation, government or political ideology .  Politicians routinely invoke “god” to validate their agendas and authority, and the most popular religion is employed to do so. Just as today’s officeholders pay lip service to “Judeo-Christian values,” so the emperors of Rome appealed to their traditional gods for divine approval. Patriotism and religious faith become synonymous, and any lack of nationalistic fervor becomes heresy - [ Photo by  Vladimir Fedotov  on Unsplash ].

The Living Word

Jesus is the “word made flesh” in whom the glory of God is revealed, the same “word” by which He created all things – John 1:14 . The gospel of John identifies Jesus as the Logos , the “ word ” by which God made all things. This is one of the central themes that is explicated in the body of the book. In doing so, John was not engaging in metaphysical speculation but building on traditional ideas from the Hebrew Bible about how Yahweh created the universe and gave life by His spoken word - [ Photo by Ben White on Unsplash ].