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Ekklésia – The Assembly

The New Testament usage of the term “ assembly ” is based on the language and imagery of Israel when the nation was assembled before Yahweh for worship in front of the Tabernacle. The Greek noun rendered “ church ” in many English translations is  ekklésia . It means “assembly, congregation, convocation.” In secular Greek, it could refer to an “assembly” of citizens gathered to conduct matters of state. However, that is not the sense found in the Greek New Testament.

Tent of Witness

The destructive forces unleashed by the last plagues echo the destruction of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea – Revelation 15:5-8.  Having seen the saints standing victorious on the “ sea of glass ,” John now sees the “ sanctuary ” and the “ Tent of Testimony ” opened fully in “ heaven .” From it, the seven angels with the “ bowls of fury ” are dispatched to deliver their deadly cargoes to the inhabitants of the earth.

Sanctuary Measured

The sanctuary must be “measured” before the city can be inhabited, but first, it must be “trampled underfoot” by the nations - Revelation 11:1-2.  In the preceding vision, John was commanded to “ prophesy again over many peoples and nations and tongues and kings ,” which set the stage for the next two visions, the “ measuring of the sanctuary and the altar ,” and the testimony of the “ two witnesses .” Both are connected by the equivalent figures of “ forty-two months ” and “ 1,260 days. ”