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False Prophet's Power

The False Prophet employs economic pressure to retaliate against those saints who refuse to render homage to the Beast from the sea .  In Revelation , the “ False Prophet ” employs the economic power of the first Beast against those who refuse to give allegiance to the Empire , and he wields the “ mark of the Beast ” as a weapon for enforcing compliance. The ability to level economic penalties against nations, communities, and individuals is the key to his persecuting power.

The Beastly Religion

John saw the “ Beast ascending from the Earth ” intent on deceiving the “ Inhabitants of the Earth .” The “ Beast from the Sea ” is characterized by its political power. In contrast, the “ Beast from the Earth ,” the “ False Prophet ,” uses religious performance and propaganda to deceive men, and economic sanctions to suppress all those who do not submit to its demands.

Mark of the Beast

All men who refuse to follow the Lamb will render homage to the Beast and take its mark  – Revelation 13:16-18.  The “ False Prophet ” uses the power of the first “ Beast ” against anyone who refuses to give full allegiance to it. Its “ mark ” is an economic tool. Commerce is the lifeblood of the  World Empire , and leveling sanctions against nations and peoples is its enforcement mechanism. Economic restrictions mean deprivation and suffering for their victims.

Beast from the Earth

The “ great voice in heaven ” pronounced “ woe ” on the “ Inhabitants of the Earth and the Sea because the Devil has descended to you, having great wrath .” The “ Dragon ” then began his war against the “ Seed of the Woman ” by summoning his own “seed,” the “ Beast from the Sea ” and the “ Beast from the Earth .”

Great Image of the King

The King invested great effort to make his dream into reality. First, he “ set up ” an enormous image covered in gold to represent his majesty and the irresistible power of the Empire. Then, he commanded all the “ peoples and nations and tongues ” of his realm to pay homage to his image or face a horrific and certain death in the “ burning fiery furnace .”

Embracing Leviathan

The inhabitants of the earth willingly venerate the Beast and take its mark, although believers are not immune from its allurements . And discussions about the “ Mark of the Beast ” invariably focus on questions about what it is - a medical implant, a barcode, or a tattoo – as well as the significance of its “ number ,” ‘ 666 .’ As important as these questions are, far more critical is the issue of how the believer can avoid taking the Beast’s mark or its “ number .”