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Beast from the Abyss

The “ Abyss ” was introduced when the “ fifth trumpet ” sounded and demonic hordes “ ascended ” from it. It is referred to next after the “ Two Witnesses ” complete their “ testimony .” On cue, the “ Beast ascends from the Abyss ” to attack and slay them, but only after they finish their prophetic mission.

Two Witnesses Slain

The “ second woe ” does not end until the “ Two Witnesses ” have completed their “ testimony ” and their “ corpse ,” singular, lies on the streets of “ Babylon .” Only then will the final trumpet be heard as its ushers in the hour of the judgment. The martyrdom of the “ Two Witnesses ” puts the end into motion and seals the doom of the “ Dragon .”

Two Witnesses Testify

In its task of prophesying before “ nations and kings ,” the church is symbolized by “Two Witnesses” that “ testify ” before the “ Inhabitants of the Earth .” Their work continues for the entire “ twelve hundred and sixty days ” or “ forty-two months ” until they “ finish ” their prophetic ministry. Afterward, they are “ slain by the Beast from the Abyss .”