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This Blog Site is a teaching ministry of the Disciples Global Network and a resource center to facilitate Christian education and connections worldwide. The focus is on Jesus Christ and his "Good News" about the Kingdom of God, a message vital to all nations, peoples, and individuals.

The Apostle Paul declared that the forms of this age are already in the process of passing away because of the Death of Jesus and his Resurrection. All things have become new and nothing can ever be the same again, including the identity of the people of God. Even now, the “age to come” and the “new creation” have dawned in the Resurrection and the present Reign of Jesus.

I have expertise in textual criticism: the reconstruction, the transmission and the translation of ancient manuscripts. I am a graduate of the Pacific School of Theology of Seattle, Washington, USA. All posts on this site are free and may be copied and distributed at will. If you are interested in supporting this work, please follow the links to our PayPal page.


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Other Sites:
  1. Disciples Global Network - (disciplesglobal.blogspot.com) - Studies on the basics of the biblical faith
  2. The Disciples Digital Library - (discipleslibrary.blogspot.com) - A compendium of studies and other study materials on the Bible
  3. Endtime Insights Website - (endtime-insights.org) - Studies on passages about the return of Jesus and related events
  4. The Books of Revelation - (revelation-daniel.org) - Systematic studies on Revelation and Daniel with a stress on how Revelation applies passages from the book of Daniel
  5. My Prophetic Reflections - (prophetic-reflections.blogspot.com) - My more personal observations and opinions about trends and movements in the contemporary Church
  6. The Finished Word - (finishedword.blogspot.com) - Studies on the fulfillment of biblical promises and prophecies in Jesus, especially in his Death and Resurrection   
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