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designed to provide you with comprehensive studies on Jesus, discipleship, and biblical Christianity in general. But the overall stress is on Jesus. In him, God has and is bringing His promises to fulfillment. History's decisive moment has occurred already in the Death and Resurrection of His Son.

I am a lifelong student of the Bible. This present effort is intended to share with others what I have learned over that time. Currently, I reside on Whidbey Island in the state of Washington.

All posts on this site are available free of charge. NONE are copyrighted. Please feel free to copy, quote, reuse or distribute any post or part thereof as you see fit. And please pray for this work, that God would open doors for His Word to spread and meet the needs of others. If you are interested in supporting this work in other ways, please email me at - bear7755@gmail.com ~ David Maas, May 2022.

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Moran Beach, Whidbey Island, Washington


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