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Finished! Seventh Bowl

The seventh “ bowl of wrath ” anticipates the fuller description of the destruction of “ Babylon ” in chapters 17 and 18. It echoes the Old Testament story of the plague of hail inflicted on Egypt at the word of Moses. Emptying the bowl “ on the air ” prepares for the “ great hail ” that will conclude this last “ plague ” and seal Babylon’s doom.

Sixth Bowl

The first four “ bowls ” targeted the economy of the  World Empire , and the fifth destroyed its political power. Now, the sixth “ bowl ” unleashes demonic forces that gather the “ kings of the earth ” to the final battle of the “ Great Day of God the Almighty ,” namely, “ Armageddon .”

Fifth Bowl

The first “ four bowls ” destroyed the economic infrastructure used by the  World Empire  to dominate the “ inhabitants of the earth ” and wage war on the “ saints .” This undermined the very global commerce on which the “ Beast ” system depends for wealth and power. Now, the “ fifth bowl ” targets its political power and prestige.

First Four Bowls

The first four bowls target the economic infrastructure necessary for commerce and the economic health of the  World Empire . Since the “ Beast from the sea ” caused the followers of the “ Lamb ” economic deprivation, so, now, the “ Beast ” and the “ inhabitants of the earth ” suffer economic loss.

Tent of Witness

The destructive forces unleashed by the last plagues echo the destruction of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea – Revelation 15:5-8.  Having seen the saints standing victorious on the “ sea of glass ,” John now sees the “ sanctuary ” and the “ Tent of Testimony ” opened fully in “ heaven .” From it, the seven angels with the “ bowls of fury ” are dispatched to deliver their deadly cargoes to the inhabitants of the earth.

Song of the Lamb

The fifteenth chapter introduces the seven angels who empty the contents of the “ seven bowls of wrath .” But first, the “ overcoming ” saints are found standing on the “ sea of glass mingled with fire ” where they “ sing the song of Moses and the Lamb .” They have overcome the “ Beast, its image, mark, and number .”