Revelation (8-16)

{CHAPTERS 8 - 16}

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  1. Seven Trumpets Overview - {PDF Copy} - (An overview of the sounding of the Seven Trumpets)
  2. The First Trumpet - Hail - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 8:7 - The first trumpet unleashes a plague based on the seventh plague of Egypt, but with modifications)
  3. Second Trumpet - Burning Mountain - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 8:8-9 - The second trumpet harms much of the commerce on which Babylon and the “inhabitants of the earth” depend)
  4. Third Trumpet - Bitter Waters - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 8:10-11 - The third trumpet produces a great star that falls onto the sources of fresh water, embittering them)
  5. Fourth Trumpet - Darkness - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 8:12 - The fourth trumpet causes a partial darkening of the sun, moon, and the stars)
  6. Three Woes - {PDF Copy} - (An eagle flying in mid-heaven announces the last three trumpets, the three woes – Revelation 8:13)
  7. Fifth Trumpet, First Woe - {PDF Copy} - (The fifth trumpet unleashes the first of “three woes,” and malevolent creatures began to ascend from the Abyss)
  8. Sixth Trumpet - Second Woe - {PDF Copy} - (The sixth trumpet unleashes a demonic horde from beyond the Euphrates to afflict the unrepentant inhabitants of the earth)
  9. The Little Scroll - {PDF Copy} - (John saw the scroll again, now unsealed and completely open, signifying his call to prophesy once more to peoples and kings)
  10. Measuring the Sanctuary - {PDF Copy} - (The sanctuary must be measured before the city can be inhabited, but first, it must be trampled underfoot by the nations)
  11. Two Witnesses Testify - {PDF Copy} - (The Two Witnesses must complete their testimony before the Beast is unleashed from the Abyss - Revelation 11:3-6)
  12. The Beast from the Abyss - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast first appears when he ascends from the Abyss to wage war on the Two Witnesses after they complete their testimony)
  13. Two Witnesses Slain - {PDF Copy} - (Persecuted by the impenitent inhabitants of the earth, the Two Witnesses lie dead on the main street of the Great City)
  14. Seventh Trumpet - Third Woe - {PDF Copy} - (The seventh trumpet or second woe ushers in the consummation of the kingdom and the final judgment)


  1. The Messianic Son - {PDF Copy} - (War began in Heaven. The Dragon was poised to destroy the Messianic Son as soon as he was born – Revelation 12:1-6)
  2. War in Heaven - {PDF Copy} - (Defeated by the messianic “son,” the Dragon was expelled from heaven, while victory was declared for the saints - Revelation 12:7-12)
  3. War on the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (After his expulsion from heaven, Satan wages war against the seed of the Woman, those who hold the testimony of Jesus)
  4. Shepherding the Nations - (Jesus is the promised King from the line of David who is shepherding the nations to New Jerusalem – Revelation 12:5) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Beast from the Sea - {PDF Copy} - (The Dragon began his attack against the Seed of the Woman by summoning his seed, the Beast from the Sea – Revelation 13:1-5)
  6. War Against the Saints - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast from the sea is authorized to wage war on the SAINTS for its overlord, the Ancient Serpent, the Dragon – Revelation 13:6-10)
  7. Beast's Global Dominion - {PDF Copy} - (The kings and the inhabitants of the earth refuse to follow the Lamb. Instead, they give homage to the beast)
  8. Beast from the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast from the Earth imitates the Lamb. It is the mouthpiece of the Dragon and the propagandist of the Beast from the Sea)
  9. The Beastly Religion - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast from the Earth, the False Prophet, mimics the Lamb and presents a counterfeit of the true faith of Jesus and his apostles)
  10. The False Prophet's Power - {PDF Copy} - (The False Prophet employs economic pressure to retaliate against those saints who refuse to render homage to the Beast from the sea)
  11. Mark of the Beast - {PDF Copy} - (All men who refuse to follow the Lamb will render homage to the Beast and take its mark)
  12. Embracing Leviathan - {PDF Copy} - (The inhabitants of the earth willingly venerate the Beast and take its mark, although believers are not immune from its allurements)

  1. 144,000 Priests on Zion - {PDF Copy} - (The 144,000 males on Mount Zion comprise the first fruit of the final harvest, the priestly company that follows the Lamb)
  2. Everlasting Gospel - Final Harvest - {PDF Copy} - (Whether one follows the Lamb or the Beast, he will reap everlasting consequences as a result in the coming final harvest)
  3. Babylon's Fall Announced - {PDF Copy} - (Angels announce the judicial sentence on Babylon and the inhabitants of the earth, but “rest” awaits the followers of the Lamb)
  4. The Ingathering of the Grapes - {PDF Copy} - (The ingathering of the fruit of the vine represents the wrath of God on all men who take the mark of the Beast)
  5. The Last Hour - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation moves inexorably from the death of Jesus to the final day when God judges the wicked and vindicates the righteous)

  1. Song of the Lamb - {PDF Copy} - (Having overcome the Beast, the victorious People of God stand on the Sea of Glass to sing the song of the Lamb)
  2. The Tent of Witness - {PDF Copy} - (The destructive forces unleashed by the last plagues echo the destruction of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea)
  3. The First Four Bowls - {PDF Copy} - (The first four bowls of wrath destroy the economic infrastructure of the Beast and punish those who took its mark)
  4. The Fifth Bowl - {PDF Copy} - (The first four bowls destroyed the economic structure of Babylon. The next bowl targets its political sphere)
  5. The Sixth Bowl - {PDF Copy} - (The sixth bowl begins the final battle between the Lamb and the Dragon - Armageddon)
  6. Kings of the East - {PDF Copy} - (The Kings of the East are identical to the Kings of the Earth that are allied with the Beast – Revelation 16:12-19)
  7. Finished! The Seventh Bowl - {PDF Copy} - (The seventh bowl produces the final overthrow of Babylon, the Great City, and completes the wrath of God)

  1. The Coming War - {PDF Copy} - (At the end of the age, Satan and his minions will launch the final war against the saints, the followers of the Lamb)
  2. Mouth Speaking Great Things - {PDF Copy} - (The mouth speaking great things in Daniel appears in Revelation in the description of the Beast from the sea and its war against the saints)
  3. Gog and Magog - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation identifies Gog and Magog as the nations from the four corners of the Earth that attack the saints)
  4. Reigning from Zion - {PDF Copy} - (Following his resurrection, Jesus began his reign from the Messianic Throne as prophesied by David – Psalm 2:6-9)
  5. In His Assembly - {PDF Copy} - (John identified false teachers in the church as ‘antichrists’, and their deceptive teachings confirmed that the Last Days had commenced)
  6. Wrath of God - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, wrath refers to the final judicial sentence of God on His enemies. Tribulation is what the church endures)


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