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Seated in the Sanctuary

Prior to the return of Jesus, the “man of lawlessness” will be revealed when he seats himself in the “sanctuary of God” - 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 .  According to the Apostle Paul, Jesus will not return until two events take place, the “ apostasy ” and the “ revelation of the man of lawlessness .” The two are inextricably linked. This malevolent figure will cause many believers to apostatize. And not only will he be “ revealed ,” that unveiling will take place “ in the sanctuary of God ” where he will “ sit down .” - [ Church interior  photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash ].

Final Apostasy

Repeatedly, the New Testament warns of the coming “apostasy” that it also links to the future “man of lawlessness” whose intent is to deceive Christians .  To the church at Thessalonica, Paul explained that the “ Day of the Lord ” will  NOT  commence until “ first ,” the “ apostasy ” occurs, and second, the “ man of lawlessness ” is revealed, two events that are inextricably linked. In this statement, Paul is reiterating the warning found elsewhere in the New Testament that originated with Jesus - [ Photo by Frank Zinsli on Unsplash ].

Season of Tribulation

A time of “indignation” was coming upon the people of God such as they had never experienced  -  Daniel 12:1-13 .  Daniel’s final vision concludes with the description of the “ tribulation ” that is to befall the Jewish nation, one more severe than any preceding trial in its history. There were no chapter divisions in the original document penned by the prophet, and contextually, chapter 12 is the continuation of the vision from chapters 10 and 11 - [ Storm Winds - Photo by  Lucy Chian  on Unsplash ].

Standing Fast

Believers prepare for the “apostasy” and the coming “man of lawlessness” by “standing firm” in the apostolic tradition .  Having explained the coming “ apostasy ” and “ man of lawlessness ,” Paul then provided instructions on how believers avoid the coming deception and find themselves standing “ blameless ” before Jesus when he “ arrives with all his holy ones .” And above all, they must “ stand fast ” and cleave to the teachings received from the apostles - [ Photo by Madhu Shesharam on Unsplash ].

Arrogant King of the North

The war between the kings of the “North” and “South” culminates in the rise of an arrogant ruler who persecutes the saints  -  Daniel 11:5-45 .  Beginning with the fourfold division of the Greek kingdom, the interpreting angel outlined the coming conflicts between two of the subsequent realms that culminated in the rise of a “ contemptible ” ruler. Previously, the rise and division of the Greek empire was portrayed in the  vision  of the “ Ram and the Goat ,” representing the kingdoms of the “ Medes and Persians ” and of “ Greece .” - [ Photo by  FERNANDO TRIVIÑO  on Unsplash ].