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  1. Leap for Joy - {PDF Copy} - (When disciples are persecuted for their faith, they are to rejoice for being accounted “worthy” to suffer for Jesus)
  2. Though He Slays Me - {PDF Copy} - (Like Job, the Christian's commitment to Jesus must be total regardless of what else happens)
  3. Embracing the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (To be the Messiah means suffering and death, and he summons his disciples to follow the same path)
  4. He Poured Himself Out - {PDF Copy} - (Christ’s submission to an unjust death is the paradigm for Christian love and service that disciples are summoned to emulate)
  5. Spiritual Warfare - {PDF Copy} - (Christians wage spiritual “warfare” through right conduct and by emulating the example of Jesus)
  6. Love Your Enemy - {PDF Copy} - (Mercy and love are the defining characteristics of his disciple and reflect the true nature of his Father)
  7. True Spirituality - {PDF Copy} - (The spiritually-minded man understands that "Christ Crucified" is the power and wisdom of God)
  8. The Way of the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (To follow Jesus means a life of self-denial and sacrificial service for others)
  9. Disciples and Persecution - {PDF Copy} - (When Christians react in kind to hostility, whether from government, society, or individuals, Satan triumphs)
  10. The Cost of Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:7-30 - The execution of John the Baptist served as an example of what it means to follow Jesus and become his disciple)
  11. Suffering and Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (To follow Jesus means self-denial and a willingness to suffer, and for disciples, persecution is the highest honor)
  12. Afflicted Disciples - {PDF Copy} - (In this life, the disciple of Jesus will endure “tribulation” and persecution for his sake)
  13. Christian Response to Persecutors - {PDF Copy} - (When Christians react in kind to hostility, whether from government, society, or individuals, Satan triumphs)
  14. Slave of HIS Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (To be a citizen of the kingdom of God requires a life of self-sacrificial service for others, not power over them)
  15. The paradigm of the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (Christ crucified is the pattern for discipleship and the test of its genuineness)
  16. Prudent or Foolish? - {PDF Copy} - (At the conclusion of his sermon delivered on the mount, Jesus vested his words with ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY)
  17. Greatness in His Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 10:35-45 - To be a true member of the kingdom necessitates a life of self-sacrificial service to others)
  18. Jesus Refused Political Power - {PDF Copy} - (He rejected Satan's offer of political power and chose, instead, the way of the Suffering Servant)
  19. Signs and Wonders or Christ Crucified? - {PDF Copy} - (Claims that the Church will reap a great harvest of souls through displays of mighty "signs and wonders" do not square with Scripture)
  20. Faithful and Unfaithful Disciples - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 9:41-50 Whatever anyone does to a disciple of Jesus, whether for good or evil, is the same as doing it to Jesus)
  21. Governing Authorities - {PDF Copy} - (Romans 13:1-8 To rebel against even tyrannical governments is to resist God's arrangement)
  22. Holiness Before Him - {PDF Copy} - (Paul summoned believers to become completely sanctified by Christ's return)
  23. Blameless in Holiness - {PDF Copy} - (Believers must persevere in afflictions and pursue love so they may stand blameless in holiness when Jesus returns)

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