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  1. A Sobering Conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 7:21-28 - Disciples who refuse to follow the teachings of Jesus may be excluded from the Kingdom)
  2. Jesus - Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 5:17 - Jesus fulfilled all the Law AND the prophets, and went far beyond the most scrupulous of the scribes and Pharisees)
  3. Persecution, Christian "Rights," and the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 5:10-12 - The proper Christian understanding of and reaction to persecution and criticism)
  4. Heavenly Perfection like the Father - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 5:43-48 - Mercy and love are the defining characteristics of the disciple of Jesus and reflect the nature of God)
  1. To Follow Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (To follow Jesus “wherever he goes” means a life of self-denial and sacrificial service for others – Matthew 20:20-28)
  1. Then they will fast - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:18-22The old rules on fasting are no longer appropriate with the arrival of Yahweh's Messiah)
  2. Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:23-28 - The Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath Day)
  3. Jesus and Jewish Traditions - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:1-3:6 - Jesus confronts several Jewish traditions and their proponents)
  4. The Parable of the Sower - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:1-20The parable of the sower pictures the Son of Man sowing the “seed” of the gospel in the world where it grows largely unseen and in unexpected ways until the final harvest at the end of the age)
  5. Kingdom Parables - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:21-34After giving his parable of the Sower, Jesus taught several more parables about the kingdom of God, its unexpected methods of expansion, and its status in the world up to the End of the Age)
  6. Jesus Confronts Added Human Traditions - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus undermines the religious rationale for dietary restrictions. With the arrival of the Son of Man, old regulations and rituals begin to lose their relevance)
  7. Jesus has Authority over Ritual Purity Issues  - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:40-45 - The touch of Jesus cleanses a leper from ritual uncleanness apart from the required Levitical rites)
  8. Jesus and Food Purity Laws - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 7:1-23 - Christ's statement about eating food with unwashed hands anticipated the end of religious-based dietary restrictions)
  1. The Temple Setting of the Olivet Discourse - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 12:41-13:4 - Jesus gave his ‘Olivet Discourse’ after his final departure from the Temple)
  2. The Geographic Range of the Discourse - {PDF Copy} - (The ‘Olivet Discourse’ presents two key events linked to different geographic contexts – Regional and Global)
  3. Deceivers, Tumults, and Opposition - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 13:5-13The Olivet Discourse opens with warnings about coming deceivers who will deceive many with false expectations about the end of the age)
  4. Wars and Rumors of Wars - Signs of the End? - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 24:4-8 - Jesus warned his disciples not to heed claims by deceivers who pointed to manmade and natural catastrophes as “signs” of the end)
  5. Three Repeated Warnings of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Three specific warnings to disciples are repeated by Jesus in his Olivet Discourse to help them avoid deception)
  6. The Abomination of Desolation - {PDF Copy} - (When disciples see the “abomination of desolation standing where it ought not,” they are to flee the vicinity of Jerusalem)
  7. Coming on the Clouds of Heaven - {PDF Copy} - (The whole earth will witness the “Son of Man” arriving on the clouds to gather his “elect” – Mark 13:21-27)
  8. The Flourishing Fig Tree - {PDF Copy} - (The parable of the budding fig tree pointed to the destruction of the Temple predicted by Jesus – Mark 13:28-29)
  9. "This Generation" in the Olivet Discourse - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 13:30-31Biblical usage of “this generation” consistently applies the phrase to the generation that was alive at the time it was uttered)
  10. "As in the Days of Noah" - Normalcy or Chaos? - {PDF Copy} - (An analogy from the ancient past to illustrate the need to remain ever ready for the sudden return of Jesus)
  11. The Key Sign of the End of the Age - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 24:14 - The "End" will not come until the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to all nations)
  12. Is the Parable of a Budding Fig Tree a Sign of Israel Flourishing in the Land? - {PDF Copy} - (Matthew 24:32-24 - The parable of the budding fig tree meant that the fulfillment of the things predicted by Jesus signaled the destruction of the Temple)
  13. Know the "Times and Seasons" - {PDF Copy} - (Did Jesus command us to know the signs and seasons that will signal his soon arrival?)
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