In Galilee - (Mark 1-8)

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  1. Introduction to the Gospel of Mark - {PDF Copy} - (A brief overview of the history and structure of Mark's gospel account)
  2. The Commencement of the Good News of the Kingdom - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:1-3 - The announcement of the good news of the kingdom of God began following Christ's baptism in the River Jordan)
  3. John the Forerunner - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:4-8 - John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for God's Messiah)
  4. Jesus, the Wilderness, and the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:9-13 - Jesus is driven into the Wilderness by the Spirit; he succeeds where Israel failed)
  5. Arrest and Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:14-15 - The arrest of John the Baptist marked the beginning of the preaching ministry of Jesus)
  1. Four Disciples Summoned - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:16-20 - Unlike the rabbis, Jesus called his disciples to give up everything to follow him)
  2. Authority over Demons - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:21-28 - As the Son of Man, even demons were subject to his authority)
  3. Authority over Disease - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:29-39 - Jesus demonstrated his messianic authority over disease)
  4. Jesus has Authority over Ritual Purity Issues  - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 1:40-45 - The touch of Jesus cleanses a leper from ritual uncleanness apart from the required Levitical rites)
  5. Authority to Forgive Sins - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:1-12 - The healings of Jesus demonstrated his authority to discharge sins)
  6. A Tax-Collector is Called - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:13-17 - Jesus called even society's most despised members to follow him)
  7. Authority over the Sabbath Day - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:23-3:6 - The Scribes and Pharisees objected to a healing on the Sabbath Day)
  8. Crowds Press and Demons Proclaim the Son of God - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:7-12 - Jesus silenced demons that declared him to be God's Son)
  9. The Twelve Apostles Appointed - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:13-21 - Jesus departs to a mountain to summon his twelve disciples)
  10. The Unpardonable Sin - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 3:22-35 - Jewish leaders from Jerusalem accuse Jesus of working with Satan)
  11. The Suffering Son of Man - {PDF Copy} - (The Son of Man, the Messiah of Israel is revealed in his sufferings and death)
  12. The Parable of the Sower - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:1-20 - The parable of the sower pictures the Son of Man sowing the “seed” of the gospel in the world where it grows largely unseen and in unexpected ways until the final harvest at the end of the age)
  13. Kingdom Parables - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:21-34 - Jesus taught several parables about the kingdom of God, its unexpected ways of expansion, and its status in the world)
  14. Jesus Calms the Sea - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 4:35-41 - Despite a tremendous miracle, the disciples continue to lack faith)
  15. The Demoniac - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 5:1-20 - Jesus, the mightier one, continues to bind the "strongman" as he overcomes powerful demonic forces)
  16. Jesus Restores Two Women to Wholeness - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 5:21-43 - Christ restores two afflicted women despite barriers raised by the Levitical purity codes)
  17. Rejected in Nazareth - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:1-6 - Jesus is rejected by his hometown despite his miracles and wise teaching)
  18. The Cost of Discipleship - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:7-30 - The execution of John the Baptist serves as an example of the cost of discipleship)
  19. Miraculous Witness to Israel - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 6:31-56 - The feeding of the 5,000 provided Israel with a miraculous witness yet many Jews still rejected Jesus)
  20. Jesus Confronts Added Human Traditions - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 7:1-23Jesus undermines the religious rationale for dietary restrictions. With the arrival of the Son of Man, old regulations and rituals begin to lose their relevance)
  21. Spiritual Dullness, Sign Seeking, and Unbelief - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:1-21 - In three short stories, Mark highlights the unbelief behind the inability of the disciples and Christ’s opponents to perceive who he is)
  22. A Blind Man Healed on the Way - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:22-26 - A blind man’s eyes are opened and the man "saved" as Jesus continues on his "way" to Jerusalem and his death)
  23. Who Do You Say That I Am? - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 8:27-38 - The Son of Man cannot be known apart from his suffering for others)
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