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Priestly Reign of the Saints

In Revelation, victorious saints reign as a “kingdom of Priests” during the “thousand years,” having overcome the “beast.”   During the “ thousand years ,” Satan is imprisoned as the victorious saints begin to reign. Rather ironically, the “ rest of the dead ” do not live until the “ second death ” at the “ Great White Throne of Judgment .” The image of the saints reigning at this time is Daniel’s vision of the “ one like a Son of Man ” who received the “ kingdom ” from the “ Ancient of Days ” - [ Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash ].

I Came to be in Spirit

Four different times in Revelation, John found himself “in the Spirit” and transported to a new location where he received another vision .  In the fourth chapter of  Revelation , John “ came to be in the spirit , where he was summoned to heaven to see a vision about the “ throne ,” the “ sealed scroll ,” and the “ slain Lamb .” Previously, in his first vision, he came to be “ in the spirit ” and saw a vision of “ one like a son of man ” standing among the “ seven golden lampstands ,” that is, the “ seven churches of Asia .” - [ Photo by Frank Zinsli on Unsplash ].

Church - Sanctuary of God

In his letters, the Apostle Paul consistently applied Temple language to the church of Jesus Christ .  Quite consistently, Paul referred to the church as the “ sanctuary of God ,” and he also applied related terms to Christian congregations that were applied originally in the Hebrew Bible to the Tabernacle and Temple. While the language is metaphorical, it describes the new realities and identity of the people of God since the death and resurrection of Jesus - [ Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash ].

Ekklésia – The Assembly

The Christian use of the term “church” or ekklésia is derived from the “assembly of Yahweh” gathered for worship described in the Hebrew Bible .  The Greek term commonly rendered “ church ” in English versions of the Bible is  ekklésia , which means “assembly, congregation.” While it was used in ancient Greek for an “assembly” of local citizens gathered to legislate laws and discuss matters of state, it is a mistake to assume that is the sense of how the term is used in the New Testament - [ Assembly - Photo by  Sincerely Media  on Unsplash ].

Lying Signs and Wonders

The final deceiver will use “lying signs and wonders” to deceive and cause many saints to depart from the faith  –  2 Thessalonians 2:8-9 .  The “ Day of the Lord ” will not commence until the “ lawless one ” has been “ revealed ” when he “ seats himself in the sanctuary of God .” His arrival will coincide with the “ apostasy ,” and he will be characterized by his ability to deceive, especially with “ lying signs and wonders .” Satan himself will equip this master deceiver to destroy as many saints as possible - [ Photo by  Mitchell Leach  on Unsplash ].