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Circumcision - A Cutting Issue

With the new era inaugurated by Jesus, circumcision is no longer the sign of membership in the covenant community .  Circumcision is an obstacle to claims that disciples must keep the Mosaic Law. In  Genesis , it is the entrance rite of the Abrahamic covenant and the identifying sign of the covenant. And it is mandatory under the l aw given through Moses at Mount Sinai. Thus, if circumcision is no longer required, then the jurisdiction of the Law has changed.

The Message

The Gospel proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth is NOT about reforming a fallen society, fixing a corrupt government, or cleaning up an immoral culture. It summons all men and women to repent and join an entirely new and vastly different social order and political reality, namely, the Kingdom of God. If anything, it subverts the political ideologies and popular beliefs of this age.


Two Little Horns?

Language of the New Testament